Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photo extermination camp with Mircea Bezergheanu

An unforgeable experience in a dream land - Dobrogea!
I spent 3 days with Mircea Bezegheanu for a photo tour around Northern part of Dobrogea. 


We start first day in Cheile Dobrogei.


Got everybody up, shooting over the rocks. And he is the MAN!

The MAN!

And this is the place ...

The right path!

And this is the feeling ...


On fire

Burning trees
After the sunset, singing around the fire ...


And the aliens came through!!!


Alien troups

After a beautiful sunrise ...

Sunrise in Cheile Dobrogei
We moved north,  towards Enisala.

This is the castle we have to conquer!

Enisala castle
Proper weapons were prepared...

And Mircea is thinking over the strategy

Fixing the strategy

In the mean time, this is what you can find after you win the battle

And this is the special prize!

Anna Dobrogeana

Sunshine Anna

Leave me alone

Finally, the day is over....

Sunset at Enisala


After a beautiful sunrise ...


We moved towards Macin mountaign

 Just arriving up there, this fellow shouted at me: don`t sit!!!!

Do not sit on me!
Immediately we climbed on Pricopane


You can see a soldier in action

In action
 In this place the steel is silent

Silent steel
Only the nature can speak

Listen the nature
Finally the day is over

And the sun goes to sleep

I would like to thank Mircea for a beautiful trip around Dobrogea, a land of dream, a land of love, a land you cannot forget!